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Updates from Weinberg Medical Physics

Brain Initiative Investigator Conference

December 19, 2016: In collaboration with researchers at the University of Maryland, WMP presented a poster at the Brain Initiative Investigator Conference in North Bethesda, MD, entitled “Wireless Current Detection Using a Spin-Transfer Nano-Oscillator by Near-Field Induction.”

IEEE EMBS Conference on Micro and Nanotechnology

December 12-16, 2016: A presentation made by Dr. Lamar Mair of WMP to the IEEE EMBS Conference on Micro and Nanotechnology in Medicine (in collaboration with Johns Hopkins scientists), on rapid manufacturing of shape-engineered particles for MRI, reporting on progress made under a grant from the National Institutes of Standards and Technology.

$2M Grant for WMP licensee Tesoro Imaging

November 1, 2016: WMP spin-off (and licensee) Tesoro Imaging Srl and its collaborators won a $2M European grant to examine the role of WMP-designed ultra-high resolution MRI systems in selectively replacing excisional biopsies.

Christopher Richmond