Weinberg Medical Physics

Weinberg Medical Physics

Designers of medical devices
for compelling clinical indications.


Our ultra-fast MRIs can provide rapid high-resolution images, and when combined with our low power electropermanent magnets, the system can be installed in dentistry, oncology, and urology practices.

We have applied novel pulsed power abilities, electropermanent magnets, and additive manufacturing techniques to the development of compact clinical MRI system. Clinical trials have demonstrated our ability to generate MRI gradients hundreds of times higher than conventional MRIs without causing discomfort. The high magnetic gradients can also be used to propel nanoparticles to various parts of the body. These nanoparticles could deliver drugs that can treat diseases.




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Research Competencies


With experts in the field of cutting edge nanoparticle fabrication techniques, we have engineered custom designed shaped nanoparticles with defined magnetic domains.

Ultrafast MRI and Magnetic Particle Drivers

Our engineers have leveraged the unique speed of our magnetic gradient systems to develop new types of magnetic resonance pulse sequences and magnetic manipulation techniques.

Additive Manufacturing of Electrical Coils and Magnetic Materials

Our additive manufacturing techniques of precisely placing high-current carrying electrical pathways and depositing magnetic materials has unlocked the potential for creating unique high-power electromagnetic mechanical systems.


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