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With experts in the field of cutting edge nanoparticle fabrication techniques, we have engineered custom designed shaped nanoparticles with defined magnetic domains.

Utilizing our fabrication process, we can maintain a tight size distribution and a strict control over the composition and uniformity of the particle’s magnetic properties and surface coatings. Our particles are capable of a variety of novel magnetically controlled movements introducing new non-operative interventional procedures previously unavailable to physicians.

Ultrafast MRI and magnetic particle drivers

Our engineers have leveraged the unique speed of our magnetic gradient systems to develop new types of magnetic resonance pulse sequences and magnetic manipulation techniques.

By exploiting the ability to quickly change strong magnetic fields, we have created a revolutionary method by which to focus and direct magnetic nanoparticles to sites within the body. By using engineered gradients sequences, we have unlocked additional degrees of freedom for particle movement and manipulation.

Additive manufacturing of electrical coils

Our additive manufacturing techniques of precisely placing high-current carrying electrical pathways and depositing magnetic materials has unlocked the potential for creating unique high-power electromagnetic mechanical systems.

We precisely place custom created magnetic materials near to highly conductive current pathways to create shaped electropermanent assemblies. These assemblies allow for well-defined magnetic elements for the manipulation of magnetic fields within the region of interest.


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