Weinberg Medical Physics



Weinberg Medical Physics has operated over the past 8 years as a medical device incubator developing novel medical imaging and interventional technologies that mature into self-sustaining start-ups.


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We are creating an office-based, high resolution MRI, and MR compatible biopsy and treatment devices, to eliminate the inefficiencies, complexities and costs of using prostate-specific antigen (PSA) with multi-parametric MRI and fusion.


Iron Focus Medical

Using proprietary image-guided therapy, Iron Focus Medical is delivering targeted nanoparticles to sites within the body to transport therapeutics or ablate tissues.


Publication List

The behaviors of ferromagnetic nano-particles in and around blood vessels under applied magnetic fields

In magnetic drug delivery, therapeutic magnetizable particles are typically injected into the blood stream and magnets are then used to concentrate them to disease locations. The behavior of such particles in-vivo is complex and is governed by blood convection, diffusion (in blood and in tissue), extravasation, and the applied magnetic fields.... (Read More)

Towards Control of Magnetic Fluids in Patients: Directing Therapeutic Nanoparticles to Disease Locations

Atremendous need exists to be able to focus medicine to disease locations. During chemotherapy, for example, typically less than 0.1% of the drugs are taken up by tumor cells, with the remaining 99.9% going into healthy tissue [1]. Chemotherapy encompasses treating patients with a diverse collection of drugs that attempt to preferentially destroy cancer cells ... (Read More)

Magnetic nanoparticle transport within flowing blood and into surrounding tissue

Magnetic drug delivery refers to the physical confinement of therapeutic magnetic nanoparticles to regions of disease, tumors, infections and blood clots. Predicting the effectiveness of magnetic focusing in vivo is critical for the design and use of magnetic drug delivery systems.... (Read More)

Planar steering of a single ferrofluid drop by optimal minimum power dynamic feedback control of four electromagnets at a distance

Any single permanent magnet or electromagnet will always attract a magneticfluid. For this reason it is difficult to precisely position and manipulate ferrofluid at a distance from magnets. We develop and experimentally demonstrate optimal (minimum electrical power) 2-dimensional manipulation of a single droplet of ferrofluid by feedback control of 4 external electromagnets.... (Read More)